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80% of Go - Abacos is information, not advertising:

Unlike most commercially oriented "visit our islands" sites whose content is almost exclusively paid advertising, less than 20% of Go - Abacos' content is dedicated to demonstrating or displaying our sponsors' individual products and services.

We believe today's discriminating Travelers need an objectively developed "knowledge foundation" (or an enthusiastic referral from a good friend!) to build a decision to visit or not visit The Abacos. Additionally, we believe that when viewed in the context of their "positions" within The Abacos, our sponsors' offers of travel-oriented products and services acquire additional intangible value for a potential island Traveler.

If you're an Island Traveler who has already visited us, or are you're an Island Lover just starting to think about visiting our islands, we hope you will find your travels through Go - Abacos to be an informative, rewarding, entertaining experience. We sincerely thank you for taking the time to visit us.

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Go - Abacos offers "local knowledge" information

Go - Abacos' content and graphics have been created, edited for accuracy and compiled with the generous assistance of long-term Abacos residents and long-time Abacos visitors, not tour companies or other commercial interests:

As a
not-for-profit website, Go - Abacos has been specifically created to provide a reliable, non-commercial source of dependable information on The Abacos' individually unique Cays and Settlements as well as on select Abaconian vacation hideaways and a wide range of related services, diversions and unique excitements, including shopping options and discovery shops, art galleries, real estate sales companies, charter as well as commercial airline services, dock rentals, yacht repair facilities, fishing charterers, dive facilities, transportation rentals (golf carts, cars and boats), one-of-a-kind things to do and some of The Abacos' most memorable island-style restaurants & club facilities.

Prior to our December-1997 launch, Go - Abacos underwent more than 6 months of content "research and development", and will now be updated with new travel related information and news of our islands at least once a week (unless all of us are on vacation ... in the Abacos).

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Download times and graphic content:

Due to the many unique visual aspects of travel to The Abacos (everything from our islands' incredibly dependable inter-island ferry service to The Abacos' twin international airports (just 30 miles apart!), our "picture postcard" beaches, our cays' picturesque settlements, The Abacos' colorful two hundred year history and more),
Go - Abacos is, of necessity, a graphics intensive website.

Rather than sacrifice important visual information of the type most requested by our advisory panel of knowledgeable Abacos travelers as well as various Abacos tourism experts, Go - Abacos has opted to include a comprehensive and informative collection of graphics.

Most pages have been painstakingly formatted to download in approximately 20 to 25 seconds with a 28.8 modem (and a relatively noise-free connection), but some pages may take as long as 90 seconds (the "beach" pages, a few of the rental cottages' pages, the diving "pix pages", and several others). We feel you'll agree with us that the quality of the graphic information contained in our "long time to download" pages is worth the wait. If not, . Since travel to The Abacos is a visual as well as intellectual experience, we have opted not to create a "text-only" version of this site.

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Our sponsors ... Go - Abacos is truly a cooperative effort:

The development of meaningful, Traveler-relevant content for a website such as Go
- Abacos is a relatively complex, time-consuming and costly undertaking. All original photography contained in this site (except as noted) has been donated by Bluewater Marketing Services, Inc. (Go - Abacos's designers and programmers) with the exception of certain photography in the Ocean Blue Properties' Rental site and Florida Yacht Services, The Moorings Yacht Charters, Matt Lowe's Cay, Abaco Dive Centre, Dive Abaco and Brendal's Dive Center.

Go - Abacos does not seek sponsors based solely on their ability to provide dollars to help support this site. Rather, Go - Abacos actively seeks out sponsors who genuinely offer superior products and services that are relevant to the diverse needs of Abacos' Travelers.

While Go - Abacos can not directly endorse our sponsors' offerings, we believe that both the quality and value of our sponsors' products or services is superior. To assure the highest degree of integrity in our supporters' offerings, this site's developers (or our representatives) have personally evaluated each and every site sponsor's offering in terms of consistent quality and superior value.

Anyone wishing to help sponsor the Go - Abacos site should check out Go - Abacos' Sponsor pages, or contact in Green Turtle Cay or in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. We would be honored by your sponsorship inquiry.

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User-friendly technology is used in the development of Go - Abacos:

We have attempted to make this site as visitor-friendly as our islands. Therefore, we have not used lots of high-tech, gee-whiz technology to enhance Go
- Abacos' preview of the already spectacular Abaco travel and vacation experience. Although many of our visitors are serious technophiles, The Abacos is not a high-tech kind of place and we don't believe its web site should be either.

This site is optimized for viewing with Netscape Navigator 4.0 & Internet Explorer 4.0 and above. It was created using Adobe Pagemill 3.0. The vast majority of photographic images on this site have been created using top-of-the-line Nikon cameras and lenses, with all images scanned and processed by Bluewater Marketing Services' staff using sophisticated flatbed and transparency scanners, Photoshop 5, Illustrator 8, Pagemaker 6.0 and 6.5 and QuarkXpress 3.31. We have not used Frame technology due to the technical problems frames can cause with some older browsers.

This site's .gif animations have been produced in the simplest manner possible and should work well on 95% of all browsers. Please if you encounter any significant difficulties while visiting us and viewing this site.

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If you are truly a Traveler and a lover of sparsely populated islands, we warmly welcome you to The Abacos - a multi-faceted, uniquely pleasurable grouping of under- or un-populated "tropical" islands. We realize we're far from perfect, but at least we realize this and we're working on it!

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For an
INTERACTIVE MAP of our islands,
click on the above satellite image

A trip to The Abacos can be an enjoyable education in human values and human nature, so please visit us with your eyes, and mind, open. If you're an Island Traveler, you won't regret for a minute the time you spent in our islands, and you'll probably remember your Abacos adventures for a lifetime.

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