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Matt Lowe's has been purchased by a development company and will be subdivided and sold on a homesite-by-homesite basis. As such, this exceptional vacation rental no longer exists. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Welcome to Matt Lowe's Cay ... an affordably priced 6 bedroom- 4 bath vacation hideaway rental (the rental is on the far left of the "bubble area" on Matt Lowe's pix below), located on an easily accessible, totally private, 50-acre Matt Lowe's Interactive Aerialisland oasis in the Sea of Abaco, just very few boat-minutes from the docks of Marsh Harbour (click on "Marsh Harbour" in the Matt Lowe's Cay pix for an interactive area map).

Matt Lowe's central location is only a few boat-minutes from one of the Abacos' government-protected undersea preserves (Fowl Cay Undersea Park) as well as the Abacos' Marsh Harbour, Hopetown-Elbow Cay and Man 'O War Cay.

Offering 4 private beaches, 3 docks (including a very secure in-island harbour for boats up to 25 feet), dozens of acres of lush tropical foliage (including almost 30 varieties of fruit trees), abundant wild orchids, many varieties of native palm and sweeping Central Abaco panoramas which extend for almost endless miles from every point of the compass.

Priced from $1,000 - $1,250 per week per couple (for two to three couples), or $2,000 week for one couple, Matt Lowe's Cay is truly a one-of-a-kind Abaco vacation hideaway. For more information on the island, including dramatic aerial views, click here or on "Matt Lowe's Cay" in the picture above.

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