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(Updated 18 JULY 2008)


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>We just got through updating the increasingly confusing TSA/government luggage rules and regulations governing what you can and currently cannot carry onto your flight (or pack in your bag). Click HERE for complete details - and be sure to buy an extra box of QUART size ziplock bags (or maybe invest in the ziplock manufacturer since there's gonna be a run on these handy little "containers").

Passport requirements change 1/1/07: Don't forget, after January 1, 2007, you MUST have a valid US Passport to enter the Bahamas (and return to the US). Please Click HERE for complete information and to get a downloadable Passport application.

> Island Road-Runner golf carts (Green Turtle Cay) has just joined our pages. Road-Runner carts are spotlessly clean, impeccably maintained and feature the very popular "Big Wheel" equipment. Check 'em out!

> The extremely popular Conch Inn and Marina (and internationally respected Moorings Yacht Charters) have had their pages completely redesigned, with great new content and seriously competitive rates - and the legendary Conch Crawl harbourside restaurant and bar has once again opened in the Inn's comfortable compound.

> Abaco Dive Adventures (at Marsh Harbour at the Abaco Beach Resort), one of the Abacos' most popular dive operators, has joined Go-Abacos! From "first time underwater" divers to 1000 dive "pro's", you won't find a better (or friendlier) dive operation in all of the Abacos. Tim Higgs and his crew will offer you a range of truly memorable dive adventures that you just won't find anywhere else.

> (Webmaster Note) -- According to ISLANDS MAGAZINE, Go-Abacos.Com has been awarded a 5-star rating as the Best-Of-The-Best Abaco website (and there are more Abaco sites every month!). We thank you and all the rest of our 27,000+ unique monthly visitors for your many e-mails and on-going encouragement over the years. A lot of love, energy and a LOT of time go into maintaining a website that's as non-commercial as possible (Go-abacos maintains a ratio of more than 80 percent NON-commercial content). Please CLICK HERE if you want to see Islands Magazine's official ranking page for yourself.

> The first ever ISLAND ROOTS HERITAGE FESTIVAL (May 7th - 9th) was absolutely EXCELLENT! Green Turtle Cay is the only Historic District so designated by the Antiquities and Monuments Corporation of the Bahamas. A grand celebration was had by all. with highlights provided by performances of the Royal Bahamas Police Force Marching & Pop Bands, colourful Junkanoo parades, Bunce, and an evening concert featuring the Key West Chorale (Key West is Green Turtle's sister city!). The festival site provided food and drinks, kids' games, art & crafts & historic booths and all day fun and native entertainment. The festival was held in conjunction with the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism Abaco.

> (Webmaster Note) -- According to Sharon Mariner of Caribbean Travel and Life magazine's annual "Best of the Caribbean" reader poll, the votes are in and Treasure Cay made "Best Beach", Bahamas Out Islands were voted "Best Adventure Destination", and Kalik won "Best Beer".  The Bahamas were voted "Friendliest People", "Best Diving", and  "Best Snorkeling".  I think that is a lot to boast about!

> Nicole and Larry Fleming at Cocobay Cottages (4 very private getaway vacation rental cottages with TWO beaches!) are now offering Cocobay's very own (and newly refurbished) recreation center for those few moments when you want to see what the rest of the world is up to. Cocobay's rec center offers satellite TV, a broad selection of books, games and puzzles as well as Fitness Equipment, tide tables, charts, maps and a star chart are also available. Beach toys are available for the kids, so no need to bring your own.

> Green Turtle Cay's exceptional Bluff House Hotel and Resort has opened one of the Abacos' definitive waterfront bar and grills - The Jolly Roger. Complete with a large freshwater pool (just 20 steps from the hand-crafted, all wood bar and the always amazing Vern),overlooking the White Sound harbour and the resort's brand new marina, Jolly Roger's grill serves up some of the best casual food in the Abaco islands (and most of it is NOT fried!!).


> 9-10-02: Capt. Ronnie Sawyer, a true master of the fine art of bonefishing, has joined go-abacos. As the only member of the legendary George Poveromo's worldwide "A-Team" of fishing guides, if anyone can get you a bonefish, Ronnie absolutely and positively can.

> 2-10-02 Go-abacos is pleased to welcome back Treasure Cay's legendary Treasure Cay Resort and Marina. With the resort's newly dredged entry channels, refurbished marina and many newly redecorated accommodations, this exceptional resort has always been one of the Abaco's most popular destinations. Go-abacos will soon become host to Treasure Cay's newest full-service, PADI certified dive operator, with complete modern facilities and truly exceptional "all-weather" dive trips. We expect our newest dive offerings to be onlinen by 6-1-02.

> 2-19-02 We've just completed the first major update in almost a year of the Marsh Harbour interactive locator map -- and added a whole bunch of new sponsors and vacation alternatives. While not all the additions have their linked pages complete, we've guaranteed the balance of their content in the very near future. If you have any interest in visiting Marsh, or plan to pass through Marsh, you owe it to yourself to bookmark this page.

> 2-10-02 Go-abacos is pleased to welcome back Elbow Cay's legendary Abaco Inn.

> 1-10-02 About to leave for your Abaco vacation? Thinking about flying down to your favorite Abaco Cay or Settlement? Go-abacos has just installed a brand new 7-day "precipitation forecast" map. The map is based on the U.S. Navy's meteorological research, and is probably as accurate as 'most anything else you'll find. Click HERE to visit the page. A new calculator for determining the exact time of Sunrise, Sunset or Twilight time in Green Turtle has been added. Please Click HERE if you're interested in "fine tuning" your "end of day" celebrations. We have located and installed an interactive, up-to-the-minute GREEN TURTLE CAY (Abacos) TIDE TABLE and SUNRISE-SUNSET-MOON PHASE generator on our CLIMATE and WEATHER PAGES. You can download tide information for virtually any time period (1 day - 1 week - 1 month) for just about any time in the future. If you're planning to cruise our islands, rent a boat or go shelling, this is a valuable resource!

> 1-10-02 The all new, totally modernized and completely upgraded REGATTAS OF ABACO (previously Abaco Towns By The Sea) has rejoined go-abacos. This luxurious Marsh Harbour vacation rental offers "all suite" (2 bedrooms and two baths) luxury rentals with fully equipped kitchens, a private beach and newly resurfaced tennis courts. Regattas of Abaco also offers an opportunity to purchase investment-grade vacation condominiums.

> Treasure Cay's newest and finest beachfront vacation rental, the internationally acclaimed BAHAMA BEACH CLUB has joined go-abacos. Situated on one of the world's "top 10 beaches" (according to National Geographic magazine), this "all suite" resort also offers investment-grade beachfront condominiums for sale.

> Marsh Harbour's most respected and popular car and mini-van rental operator has joined go-abacos. Offering ice-cold a/c in Sea Star Car Rental's fleet of 30 late model vehicles, professional maintenance and first class customer service has made Sea Star the rental of choice for Abaco visitors.

> One of Green Turtle's most popular vacation rentals, Cocobay Cottages, has recently joined Go-Abacos. Located "away from it all", yet just a few minutes by golfcart from the exciting resorts of Green Turtle's White Sound, Cocobay oceanfront and harbour vacation homes are unique on Green Turtle.

> Go-abacos is pleased to announce that we've added 5 great new rentals (two New Plymouth apartments - Golden Reef Apartments and South Beach Apartments - and 3 vacation homes - Miss Charlotte's Cottage, Harbourview Cottage and Martha's Cottage), the Gold Reef Shop and Sea Side Golf Cart Rentals on Green Turtle Cay. Even though South Beach Apartments is located in New Plymouth directly on the Sea of Abaco (and has its own beach and dock), it is the most economical; of all Go-abacos' vacation rental offerings.




> At long last, your hard-working webmaster and a bunch of other dedicated "Abacoites" have finished the long-time-in-the-making editing and reproduction of "The Total Abacos" video documentary. This video tour is a totally NON-commercial meander through the less-traveled as well as the better-known Cays and Settlements of the Abacos. For the first-time Abaco visitor as well as the long-time Abaco traveler, The Total Abacos has something to offer to anyone who loves (or expects to love) our islands.

Starting at Sandy Point in the far Southern Abacos and working its way north to Grand Cay, "The TOTAL Abacos" offers informative "local knowledge" interviews and interesting images from more than 20 of the Abacos' mainland and off-shore settlements.

Produced, directed and edited by ZNS / The Broadcasting Corporation of The Bahamas, The All Abaco Regatta Committee, local Abaco government and the staff of Go-Abacos.Com / Bluewater Marketing Services, this informatively packaged video will give you a previously unavailable traveler's eye view of the fascinating "who, what, why, when and where" of the people, places and history of The Abacos. For ordering information, please CLICK HERE.


> In the VERY near future (on or about the first week of April 2004), the Abacos' most diver-friendly and experienced DIVE OPERATOR will be joining Go-Abacos. Whether you're a 1000 dive pro, or a resort certified beginner, these guys can take you places Jacques Costeau has never even heard about! One of the principals previously ran Disney's dive operations, and all of the Center's staff are certified to do just about anything except make a decent pizza. They're also REALLY nice folks! Check back onto Go-Abacos dive pages soon, and you've find out what we're so excited about!

> The Bahamas' fishing and associated permit regulations are in the processingof changing. If you're planning to do any fishing at all in the Bahamas, please CLICK HERE.

> Although the Hurricane Floyd pages have been "de-commissioned", to review the archives on the unprecedented 1999 hurricane season, minute-by-minute accounts of Hurricane Floyd's incredible fury and an overview of the Abaco Relief and Rebuilding efforts, PLEASE CLICK HERE.



NEW STUFF Coming Soon

> We can't announce it yet, but a major new island style development (or two) are coming to go-abacos' pages in the near future. Stay tuned for "News At 6" -- or bookmark this page and visit again in 6 weeks or so.

> A volunteer "island information advisory panel", comprised of long-time Abaco residents, will soon be available to answer the most "unanswerable" of Go-Abacos' visitors questions, ... we'll probably be able to come up with a usable answer.

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