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We will archive our older "NEW News" information on these pages after a reasonable period of time (depending on the "timeliness" and importance of the news' content). Keep checking back with Go-Abacos' "NEW News" and "OLD News" ... maybe you'll find some information you can really use!

We invite you to submit your NEW news via e-mail to . Please include your news' source (and telephone or e-mail contact if appropriate), if it's someone other than yourself, so that proper credit may be given to the news' reporter.


> Visitors comments and FAQ's pages were redesigned and linked to "question-specific" answers within Go - Abacos' site.

> Since Abacos' visitors usually travel to other Caribbean destination as well as our islands, U.S. Department of State Travel Advisories for the entire Caribbean area are now posted within 48 hours of issuance in a special section of Go - Abacos' site. Click here to read these important advisories.

> Like to know a little more about The Bahamas' Immigration's position on required Proof of Citizenship documents? -- click here for Abacos Immigration's "get tough" policy on visitor ID requirements.

> Interested in the historical aspects of The Abacos? To read what they're doing about historical preservation in Green Turtle Cay? -- click here!

> Interested in what The Bahamas' Prime Minister said about the future of The Bahamas (and The Abacos)? -- click here!

> Want to find out more about rushin', Bunce, goat-skin drums, blowin' da whistles & lickin' da cowbells? ... then be sure to click here check out The Abacos' version of Junkanoo on Green Turtle Cay!

> Interested in a uniquely Bahamian type of travel --- check out the inter-island Mailboat!

> Ocean Blue Art Gallery (New Plymouth, Green Turtle Cay) -- The Abacos' most diverse collection of fine art, sculpture and quality reproductions (representing over 65 artists' work) -- joins Go-Abacos.

> Green Turtle's "Pubs" and bars have unique ways of expressing their - and their patron's - identities ... CLICK HERE to check out the pix!

> The current weather (temps, precipitation & forecast) link for Green Turtle was re-established on Go - Abacos' "Climate" page. However, it might be down again by the time you read this!

> Information page added on
Fishing Permits, Diving "Do's & Do Not's", Catch Limits.

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