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From: <name>
To: <>
Subject: Your WEB-Site

Dear Rick,

I have been repeatedly disappointed by 99.9 percent of the WEB sites visited.  I have been trying to obtain info on the Abacos Islands for a few weeks now and today was lucky to find Go-Abacos.  Your site is by far the best, most informative, easy to navigate that I have experienced yet (of any type).  We are now planning our trip with confidence that this will be the getaway we so badly need.

We found your site via the Yahoo search engine.

Thanks and keep up the great work.



From: special <name>
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Subject: Testimonial - Marsh Harbour

I have been travelling to Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas for nine years. I have had the pleasure of staying at Abaco Towns By the Sea (Condo's) and think Chris is the best manager ever. I have rented two different homes on Eastern Shores (the privacy is great) and I have enjoyed Lofty Fig Villas (thanks to Sid) the last two visits. You just have to experience this place one time to fall in love with the whole experience. If you want to be left completely alone, rent one of the homes on Eastern Shores (the view is incredible)! If you want a little bit of privacy call Chris at Abaco Towns By the Sea (he may be able to help). Or if you want to be in the heart of the "city" be sure to call Sid at Lofty Fig. No matter what choice you make you will be treated the way you expect (whether that is party all the time or leave me alone and let me keep my nose in a book and enjoy privacy).

While you are there, you must visit Sapodilly's . . . you can't miss it! Brenda (the owner) is the best and Archie, your bartender "right away" will deliver anything from a soft drink to the best drink in the Abaco's! And, all the meals are completely top of the line!

I am so glad there is an opportunity to tell people about the Abaco's; however, in the last 9 years, it hasn't changed much and I like that a lot also.

If you want to go to heaven early . . . I truly recommend a trip to the Abaco's!

(Rick, thank you for the opportunity of this web site! You are doing a great job.)


D. Davis
Indianapolis, Indiana


From j (name witheld)
Subject: Family vacation

Hello there.

We are excited that we will be visiting the island from June 5 until June 11th, we have 3 sons and our daughter (all teenagers) who are coming with for a final family vacation before they are all to old to take anywhere. Your website helped us so much! We even found affordable flight info from Ft. Lauderdale to Marsh Harbour. Any suggestions for teens? Is it true we can bring in non-perisable items such as ceral and chips, we heard that those types of things and other groceries are quite expensive. We look forward to visiting your islands.

J. and M. R. and family


From: s (name omitted)
Subject: Go-Abacos

Thanks for all the timely and honest info you've given. This will be our first visit and you have helped provide us with a comfort level regarding our planning and anticipated enjoyment. Many thanks again.

Norcross, GA


From: s (name omitted)

We have been visiting Green Turtle Cay in Abaco for over fifteen years. Your site is excellent and very well represents the wonders and the wonderful attitude found in GTC and the surrounding areas.




From: AF (name omitted)

Your site's unbelievable. I've spent lots of time in the Abacos over the last few summers, and I'll be back again in July. Is there any chance of having GPS coordinates posted on your site? I'm an avid diver and I've searched the internet for coordinates and can't find much... Again, your site's wonderful. It really captures the atmosphere of the Abacos. Keep up the good work!




From: B (name omitted)

I really do enjoy reading all the new pages and pics that you guys are producing. It gives me my dose of Green Turtle and the Abacos when I am not able to visit.......which I do as frequently as I can, as I keep my boat in Black Sound. I love being able to look at and read about the cays between trips. Keep up the good work!!

(name omitted)


From: J1 (name omitted)

Thanks so much for your (information) concerning our trip to Treasure Cay in late July. Found the go-abacos site very helpful. It's the best site I've found to date and I've searched.


From: U.S. (name omitted)
Organization: AAA
Subject: Abacos accommodations

I am impressed by your site. I have wanted to visit the Abacos for years.

I just have one question. Have you checked out at all the listings you provide. I realize that they are your sponsors, but HAVE YOU CHECKED THEM OUT at all. I mean location, accessibility, quality of accommodations, any complaints by anyone on these rentals, etc. etc.?

That information would go a long way passed just listing them for the monthly sponsorship. I have a couple of weeks a year of vacation time and I would settle for rustic but not inadequate accommodations. In other words basics such as clean sheets, working appliances, running water, etc. etc. all verified before I get there.

Thanks for any feed back.

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Additional RESPONSE from U.S. to Go-Abacos' initial response

From: US (name omitted)
To: "'Rick Graef'" <>
Subject: RE: Abacos accomodations

Thank you for the very detailed response, which is a statement to your commitment to quality. I rarely receive such honest replies. I will definitely use your site as a reference on my next (and first) vacation to the Abacos.

Good luck on continued growth of your venture.



From: CS (name omitted)
Reply-To: (name omitted)
Organization: (name omitted) Chiropractic

hi! what a great set of pages...i had only read about the abacos in a book on undiscovered islands. your descriptions, pics and information have really inspired me.

(facility) seems a good place to begin, for a week in late may. i want to come by myself, to get away from a busy chiropractic practice ... (personal information omitted).

my question is simply "will I feel out of place or be considered a bother to staff if i arrive and experience the island of green turtle cay alone?" in the past i have usually traveled with female company...many times to my regret. this time i would like to get back to being "me". but if that would cause discomfort...for my hosts or for me...well, you understand.

thanks again for such a well-thought-out tour of your beautiful islands. i look forward to my first sojourn...and hopefully many more.




From: PS (name omitted)
Reply-To: (name omitted)
Subject: Travel plans

I have enjoyed your website a lot and now have it bookmarked. I thought I had seen just about all of the websites on Abaco, then found yours and it is the best of all.

My family (husband, 2 adult kids) and I will be arriving on March 8, staying until the 15th, and I have made a lot of the travel plans using the (go-abacos) web.


From: B (name omitted)
To: Rick Graef <
Subject: Re: Info on Bahamas


I am planning to go to the Bahamas with my wife. This will be our first visit to the Islands.

As you have been a veteran, could you please tell us about things we must do and things to stay away from.....your ideas, as an experienced person, are more valuable to us than our travel agent.....

Thanks a lot



From: RB (name omitted)
To: "'Rick Graef'" <
Subject: Web Page


Your website ... is a wonderful site. I see thousands of sites monthly that my clients work on. I was very impressed with your site as it was much more user-friendly than most travel or map web-sites.

Please let me know if you have any other sites that you are working on. If my wife and I weren't expecting I would definitely like to come down and see Abacos for myself.

Excellent job. Keep in touch.

Best regards,

Corporate Account Manager
PC Connection
Mac Connection
Server Connection
Milford, NH 03055-3442
(name omitted)


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