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The Sea of Abaco is the 100 mile long protected body of water bordered by The Abacos' 85 miles of reef and 100 miles of cays on its Windward side and Great Abaco's mainland (the relatively large body of land at the bottom of the image) on its Leeward side . This photography covers approximately 28-30 nautical miles (1 nautical mile equals 1.1 statute miles) of The Abaco islands' 120 -130 mile total length.

For scaling purposes, Marsh Harbour is approximately 18 miles (in a straight line) from the settlement of Treasure Cay. The vertical axis of the above image points approximately due north.

Fowl Cay, home of The Bahamas' protected underwater "National Park", offers some of the most exceptional and colorful shallow-water snorkeling and diving in all the Bahamas.

An almost unbroken string of deserted (with the exception of Green Turtle) and extremely picturesque cays extend from No Name Cay (partially obscured by clouds) to Manjack Cay. Several safe anchorages can be found along this 10 mile stretch of "picture postcard" islands.

The Treasure Cay airport runway can be seen as a very short gray line located immediately to the right of the airport's orange marker.

Using the Sea of Abaco as your "highway", the Central and Southern Abaco islands are easily "cruisable" by even a novice boater since The Abacos' readily identifiable individual cays are virtually never out of sight and the color variations of the water can tell the alert boat operator the approximate depth of the surrounding waters.

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