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Cherokee Sound

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Cherokee Sound and the settlement of Cherokee are among the most isolated of all The Abacos' many settlements. At one time the fishing industry provided the primary work for this tiny little town which, today, encompasses a population which numbers less than 100 families. Cherokee has the distinction of having one of the only over-water bridges in the Abacos [about 15 feet long] and one of the very longest docks [cut almost in half by Hurricane Andrew. A drivable road now leads to Cherokee off the Abaco's main road, the Great Abaco Hiway.

Many Abaconians say that Cherokee has a great deal of water, but it's spread really thin! For this reason, cruising without incident to Cherokee in anything other than a very small Avon requires lots of local knowledge along with equal amounts of seamanship and good luck. Should you decide to make a day trip of your visit to Cherokee, you should make it a point to combine your adventure with a visit to Little Harbour, home of Pete Johnson's Art Gallery & Foundry and the genuinely "islandy" Pete's Pub. Little Harbour is just a few miles north of Cherokee and also boats a newly oiled and very bumpy new road.

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