The Abacos'
Manjack ("Munjack") Cay
(Also, check out Fiddle Cay ... about 5 miles SE of Manjack)

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Located about 30 boat-minutes north of Green Turtle Cay and dotted with a half-dozen superb beaches and secluded coves, Manjack is a virtually uninhabited island (as of August 2001 a total of just two very friendly foks live mostly full time on Munjack) full of charm, beauty and secrets ... and some of the most picturesque beaches in all The Abacos. Virtually deserted 99% of the time (it's "crowded" when another boat pulls in a half mile down the beach!), Manjack is a perfect place for a cookout and picnic ... it's a favorite with island residents during holidays or a rare "day off" from work. Abaconians who love this 2.5 mile long island have thoughtfully cobbled together a few picnic tables and even a small screen room, whimsically named the "Munjack Hilton", for those days when there's no breeze and the bugs decide to join in the fun. Additionally (thanks to info from go-abacos visitor Matthew McCormic), 4 to 5 "sturdy" moorings are available on the north end of Munjack. Water in this area can run fairly "thin", with approx. 5 foot depth at low tide. Go-abacos' Tide Tables can probably help you to plan for virtually any future date anticipated for your Munjack visit.

On the Southeastern side of the island, a dock has recently been built which leads to a well-marked and clearly identified Nature Trail. Manjack's "nature walk" will give a curious island lover a relatively comprehensive "bush" education on everything from Poisonwood (the Abaconian version of poison ivy - very easy to spot!) to the Gummilemmi Tree. If you follow the wide and clearly marked path, you'll discover the Manjack look-out tower (about 15 minutes from the dock). If it's too rough to venture on Manjack's eastern side in your boat, the tower provides extraordinary vistas of the island's Atlantic side and its miles-long beach.

The shallow waters surrounding the east sides of Manjack team with small amberjack, "Ol' Wives", needlefish, starfish, an occasional ray, an occasional dolphin, an occasional conch and a wide variety of shells and driftwood. Manjack also offers several secure anchorages, depending on wind direction.

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