The Abacos'
Man 'O War Cay

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Capital of The Bahamas' boat-building industry for almost 200 years, Man 'O War is the most water-oriented Cay in The Abacos. As a matter of fact, some boats are still totally handmade (without plans of any kind!). Whether viewed from the water or a quiet little street (no cars are allowed on this island - carts are the only permitted form of transport), its easy to see the Cays' sea-going heritage in the well-kept homes' numerous "Widow's Walks" and the wide range of nautically-oriented shops and stores lining Man 'O War's waterfront and harbour. Man 'O War is also the home of some of the finest canvas products to be found anywhere.

We are planning to include a range of accommodations and diversions, some informative photography and some interesting facts. Please visit us again in the next few months.

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