Welcome To
Marsh Harbour, Abaco Islands'
Lofty Fig Villas

Even though the Lofty Fig has been an integral part of Marsh Harbour for a LONG time, it still enjoys its well-deserved reputation as one of the best-maintained, most comfortable and best-located travel accommodations in the entire settlement. Family owned and operated for more than a decade,

The Lofty Fig offers six impeccably clean house-keeping villas (with private porches and WI-FI in each villa!) and a sparkling freshwater pool. Centrally located in the restaurant / marina district of Marsh Harbour, The Lofty Fig is within walking distance of Marsh Harbour's best restaurants, marinas, duty free stores, art galleries, boutiques and several rather unique drinking etablishments.

For info and reservations, please call Sid (the very tall owner) at 242-367-2681. Growl at him (he'll understand), and tell him when ya want to be there. He might even throw in a "Scurvy Few" Motorcycle Club t-shirt if you stay long enough!! If you get his rather unique answering machine, he absolutely WILL get back to you. You can also fax The Fig at 242-367-3385 or (gasp!) e-mail Sid at <>

Normal Fig hours are 8:30 to 5:00 -- 7 days a week. Using the phone or sending an e-mail may take a bit longer than pushing a "reservation button", but it's DEFINITELY worth it!

Sid and The Lofty Fig: (242) 367-2681

(Psssst! -- Wanna see a NUDE Beer? Click HERE)


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