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The Abacos - just 60-70 minutes by air from South Florida! To find out EXACTLY how close The Abaco islands are to YOUR home, Click HERE!

Traveling to The Abacos contradicts the old axiom about having to work hard to get what you want ... since flying to the Abacos is a simple, short, non-stop (in most cases) flight from South Florida. As a matter of fact, The Abacos are a lot closer to the U.S. than just about all the better known Caribbean and Pacific Ocean island destinations. The Abacos are approximately 50 miles closer to South Florida than Key West, and actually closer to Los Angeles than Hawaii (but not by very much)! Starting your vacation at your destination is a lot more fun than spending the better part of a day getting where you're going and another day going home!


Several airlines serve both Abacos airports
The Abacos' two port-of-entry, international airports [Treasure Cay (pix on right) and Marsh Harbour] are approximately 70 minutes by air from any one of South Florida's three international airports [West Palm Beach, Ft. Lauderdale and Miami International]. Various inter-island ferries connect the mainland (Great Abaco and its two airports) to the off-lying cays. A number of FAA certified scheduled carriers currently provide service to both Abacos airports out of South Florida's 3 primary airports, and convenient connecting flights to The Abacos out of Orlando and Tampa-St. Pete are also available. Additionally, several reputable and reliable charter airlines provide service to The Abacos from South Florida.


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In Marsh Harbour, Batelco now allows you to rent a cell phone for a $500 deposit, $95 of which is non-refundable and the charge for calling the States of .99 for the 1st minute and .80 thereafter, plus a .20 airtime charge per minute.

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